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Studies show that people looking to improve their fitness and improve their health achieve significantly greater results when using a trainer. An effective personal trainer can guide you, motivate you, and most importantly, educate you. 

Our philosophy is that fitness is a journey.  Our ultimate goal is to help you develop a healthy lifestyle that will reward your body and spirit for the rest of your life.  

Working with Mike or one of his recommended trainers, assures you are working with a professional.  We have degrees in the field or are nationally certified.  If Mike is unable to fit your schedule, we have trainers available that have been vetted to ensure a high level of technical proficiency.

The best part....we come to YOU!  You can work with us in the privacy of you own home, in your office gym, a local park, or at a training studio near you.  

What we offer:

Fitness Assessment

An important part of any responsible training program, a fitness assessment objectively measures your current level of physical fitness. Without an effective fitness assessment, growth cannot be accurately measured.  All our personal training services start with our 5 point fitness assessment measuring; body fat, mobility, blood pressure, resting heart rate, and muscle strength.

    1-on-1 Personal Training 
    Strength Conditioning is crucial to any complete exercise regiment.  Strength Conditioning not only develops muscle tone, it improves power and strength, it increases bone density, increases your energy levels, helps to improve aerobic capacity, burns fat, and even strengthens your immune system.  

    No wonder we say our Personal Training program helps you LOOK, FEEL, and PERFORM....BETTER!!!  

    The core of our conditioning program is our evolving training program.  As your body and your fitness evolve, so does your routine!  This involves the systematic planning of your workouts in advance.  The goal is to have your exercise progress as your body progresses, and give you ever-changing workouts to prevent plateaus and injuries from repetitive stress. 

    We start with basic strength conditioning.  As you become stronger and leaner, we then advance the workouts as well.  We move from basic strength conditioning, to balance and coordination. Finally, as your body continues to evolve, we add the final component...athleticism and skill development, to help you achieve the highest level of fitness.  It's more than just increasing your weights or reducing your rest.  It's about making your body learn new skills and function better.

    Mike and his trainers help student athletes hit their physical peak in athleticism and middle-aged recreational athletes prevent injuries.  Our system helps seniors function better in everyday life, and it even helps everyone look better too!

    Semi-Private Training

    We also offer semi-private training for groups 2-4, for those that may be intimidated by a one-on-one session.   Work out with a friend, and split the cost of a trainer!

    *Certain limitations may apply based on groups.  Ask for more details.

    Olympic Weightlifting Workshops

    Olympic Weightlifting has been proven to be the single BEST way to improve athletic performance in sports.  Many student athletes now incorporate some olympic weightlifting as part of their conditioning for their sport.  The problem is that, either due to insufficient or improper training, these exercises are frequently done incorrectly. When done incorrectly, the athletes put themselves at the greatest risk for injury, while minimizing the actual benefits that are supposed to be derived from this form of training. 
    Our workshops teach proper technique, which helps supplement the training that athletes do with their coaches in order to maximize results. 

    We also offer separate workshops for strength coaches and other coaching staff.  These workshops review efficient coaching cues, while offering a systematic and progressive technique to teaching the olympic lifts. 


    Along with exercise, proper nutrition is crucial to maximizing your results.   We work with you to initially start a food journal, then identify what needs to be addressed in your eating habits.  We will determine what changes need to be made, and what vitamins, minerals, and supplements would be best for your optimum health.

    Together we will develop a plan for healthy eating.  This isn't a diet, we're talking about permanent weight-loss and body transformation!  It's not just about losing 10lbs only to gain it back weeks later.  Our goal is to develop healthy eating habits for a healthy lifestyle.  






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