Who's Mike?

Michael Bistolas is a certified strength and conditioning specialist, Olympic weightlifting coach, and certified fitness trainer since 1999.  He has a BS from the University of Connecticut, as well as certifications from the National Strength and Conditioning Association and USAW (the national governing body for Olympic weightlifting in the United States).
Mike has been a personal training manager for a national high-end health club chain, as well as an instructor for local personal trainer workshops. He has also been a contributor for articles in Men’s Health Magazine and Self Magazine.

Mike's specialty is in applied body mechanics, allowing him to analyze an individual’s body movements and address deficiencies while maximizing his client’s progress towards their goals.  Mike has used his expertise in sports conditioning to help many student athletes improve their performance in various sports.  He's also helped countless adults improve their fitness levels, as well as overall health.  Allowing them to look and feel better, but also better handle the rigors of parenthood and aging.  
This is why our philosophy is to help you LOOK, FEEL, and PERFORM...BETTER!

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